Application Portfolio Management Services

Azeus Application Portfolio Management Services can assess your existing combination of systems and applications. The evaluation will determine whether any applications should be eliminated/removed, refurbished/restored or maintained. Our highly qualified and experienced team can audit applications in relation to business values and then recommend changes. This team will also lead you through the entire transition process.

As more and more new applications get integrated in a business, they pile up; old applications get underutilized, redundant or become technically obsolete, and they get neglected or forgotten. Businesses that fail to effectively manage their application portfolio can involuntarily divert time, money and effort from critical strategic initiatives.

Azeus can help you optimise your investment in technology and business applications by:

  • Conducting a comprehensive review of the technical infrastructure and business applications within your organization and evaluating their overall business value;
  • Recommending modifications to the technology and applications employed in your organization based on your business strategies, functional, financial and technical requirements;
  • Proposing cost-saving alternatives to streamline your applications, such as consolidating redundant applications, and replacing obsolete applications;
  • Implementing the recommendations of the technology and business applications audit to transform your technology and applications, so as to maximise your IT investment;
  • Providing options for outsourcing ongoing application enhancement, support and maintenance through our Custom Application/ IT Outsourcing Services.