Paperless Board Meeting Solution for Jinchuan International

Engaged in overseas mining and resource trading, Jinchuan International forms partnerships, creates opportunities, and nurtures a safe and healthy environment for the benefit of its shareholders and employees.

Anson Wong, CFO and Company Secretary at Jinchuan Group International Resources Co. Ltd (Jinchuan International) shared that, before using Convene, it normally took them more than three hours just to print hundreds of board packs the night before their next board meeting. They eventually decided to go paperless as Convene’s many features appealed to their needs.

Convene’s live presentation feature worked well for them given their different locations. They have board members in Mainland China, Brisbane, London, and Hong Kong. Their board meetings became more interactive with Convene, leading to improved communication among board members. Convene’s feature of immediate update also made their meetings way more convenient.

Their board members did not need long training as Convene is easy to use. Convene’s local product specialists stand ready to provide timely support to them as well. Even when the most urgent matters popped up, there was always prompt response from Convene support.

Furthermore, Convene was able to provide verbal support in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. Its user interface in English, Traditional, and Simplified Chinese caters to the needs of their directors from different countries. All these services and features were highly appreciated.

“We found it very easy to use.” Anson Wong summarized Convene’s user-friendliness.