Paperless Board Meeting Solution for After Adoption

After Adoption is an independent adoption agency working throughout England and Wales. Their adoption panels help place vulnerable children in loving homes.

After Adoption uses Convene, a paperless board meeting solution, for their adoption panel meetings to save both paper and time, and send information digitally without having to rely on the post. The cost of producing their reports, technical sheets, feedback forms and other documents, has been significantly reduced with the aid of Convene.

Convene also strictly secures confidentiality and data protection for the Adoption panels. They deal with a lot of sensitive information so confidentiality and data protection are their highest priorities. In the past, before sending out their copies in the post, they used to remove all surnames from the reports, which caused consumption of several hours for each panel meeting. With Convene’s secure server, their documents no longer have to be anonymized, which saves a lot of time.

After using Convene, the time on document amendment and printing has also been shortened from over 2 hours to just 20 minutes. Even if new or revised documents have to be sent after publishing the meeting, Convene can automatically send the new information to all attendees in an instant, cutting a lot of staff time.

Our Convene document library allows them to share information across the whole organization. After Adoption has different adoption panels in Birmingham and Manchester, and people have been approaching them from all over the country. To share documents with panel members from other regions, they can put them in the library for other panel members working on other hearings to read them.

Convene has successfully led After Adoption to better panel meetings as all the panel members can share the most up-to-date information. As a result, the process of placing vulnerable children with high quality adopters has been sped up.

“It’s a very good product. Going back to paper would be a nightmare!” said Nigel Foxon Hale, Senior Administrator at After Adoption.