Business Process Outsourcing

Our extensive experience in providing business process management and business technology solutions coupled with our highly professional IT staff, offer a total solution to your business process outsourcing needs.

Azeus has extensive experience in helping our clients minimize their operational cost by providing a complete business process outsourcing solution. Azeus BPO services integrate the people, processes and technology necessary for your business to run smoothly with maximum efficiency. Combined with our expertise in applying technology to streamline your outsourced daily non-core business operations, we help our clients remain highly competitive by giving their executives and staff more time to concentrate on their core competencies to achieve maximum business growth.

Our BPO Track Record

Azeus is a pioneer in taking outsourced projects. Before outsourcing a project, a client must be sure that the contractor can deliver two things: cost savings and expertise. Azeus answers the need for expertise with its highly competent staff; while client cost savings is answered by reliable management approaches and project control measures. As proof of its capability in business process outsourcing, in 2001, Azeus signed a multi-million dollar outsourcing contract with the Intellectual Property Department of the Hong Kong Government. Aside from its scale, what set this project apart was that this was the first time the Hong Kong Government outsourced Office Operations Services.

BPO Approach

Azeus BPO has a proven integrated approach in our BPO engagement, which helps us assess, analyze and derive the most cost-effective outsourcing solution for you. Key practices in helping our clients establish an outsourcing solution are as follows:

  • As-Is Assessment
    • Assess the As-Is process, quality, and service types provided by the business operation, as well as the readiness of corporate culture to accept outsourcing.
    • Review the business value and compare the total cost of operations with the industry benchmark.
    • Set up objective and quantifiable performance measurement criteria with the client depending on the type of services and service level.
    • Provide business process and domain experts to help the client develop an appropriate outsourcing strategy that fits the best interest of the clients’ needs.
    • Prepare a sound business case on the outsourcing solution for the clients’ business operations as per results of the As-Is Assessment.
  • Transition
    • Establish Service Level Agreement with client
    • Plan transition and set up related technology infrastructure, processes, and management structure
    • Formulate operating procedures (by leveraging Azeus proprietary CORE procedures and knowledge-base)
    • Mobilize and train staff according to the expected service level
    • Align outsourcing centre with the clients’ organizational rules and regulations, procedures, standards and guidelines
    • Conduct training for knowledge transition
  • Acceptance
    • Gradually take over roles and responsibilities from the client
    • Observe and enhance the detailed mechanism, procedures, transactions, documentation of service delivery and performance monitoring
    • Refinement of operating procedures
  • Post-Acceptance Stabilization
    • Conduct regular operations review and monitoring
    • Sustain high quality service operation by continuous staff training and service improvement