Security Intelligence Management System (SIMS) for The Correctional Services Department (CSD)

The Security Intelligence Management System (SIMS) of the Correctional Services Department (CSD) of the Hong Kong Government was redeveloped to have a centralized system for gathering, processing, analyzing, and disseminating information and intelligence about inmates in penal institutions in Hong Kong. This will help CSD formulate timely strategies and tactical programs or action plans to prevent possible illicit activities or disruption in prisons. The redeveloped SIMS should help identify individuals, groups or syndicates that require surveillance.

SIMS as a web-based system can be easily and securely accessed by security staff and officers of penal institutions and headquarters through strict authentication mechanisms. Sharing of information is also secure with all data transmissions of web requests encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). On top of these security measures, a web service was installed to present a trustworthy certificate to the clients. Moreover, Azeus integrated SIMS with a visual analysis tool to represent and analyze all associations of data about inmates and related persons in an incident. Intelligence can be generated in a Link Chart for easy reference. Histories of telephone calls and incoming/outgoing mail can be imported and presented in a Link Chart.


DataRegent is Azeus’ own web-based tool for visualizing data structure and associations. Used to view graphic representations of critical data links and obscure patterns, DataRegent takes seemingly raw and disparate data elements and draws a logical picture that will be helpful in business intelligence, social and network analysis, as well as pattern and trend recognition. DataRegent taps into different data sources like databases and applications, and then lays out data associations and structure in a Link Chart Display. The product has been implemented in two projects for law enforcement agencies, which use DataRegent to associate clues, events and evidence in criminal investigations.