Paperless Board Meeting Solution for The Construction Industry Training Board

The Construction Industry Training Board in the UK works with the industry to encourage training and help build a safe, professional and fully qualified workforce. They have been using Convene for their board, executive and sub-committee meetings.

According to Alison Walker-Fraser, Corporate Governance Manager at the Construction Industry Training Board, Convene stood out from other solutions and met their criteria in terms of ease-of-use, support offered, accounts held, options within the system, cost and level of security.

Overall, Convene brought the Training Board an unprecedentedly positive experience. Our responsive customer service reached their expectations. In addition, they found the system intuitive and straightforward to use, and appreciated the adequate training provided. They especially liked Convene’s overall visual presentation, its ease of use, and the tools within the system such as document annotations and annotations sharing. Even when they came up with technical questions, Convene’s technical support could back them up with ease.

“We were reasonably happy with the piece of software we were using before, but when I look back now and compare the two systems I would say Convene is much better.” said Alison Walker-Fraser.