Paperless Board Meeting Solution for Coastline Housing

Coastline Housing in the UK is a community-based housing association with over 4,000 homes across Cornwall, and around 250 staff.

David Wingham, Director of Corporate Services at Coastline Housing, decided to use Convene to support their digital transformation agenda. The decision was made in light of its user-friendly and intuitive functionality. Just as David Wingham said, “We found Convene really quick and intuitive to use. It was the functionality that swayed us. It did exactly what we wanted.”

Long before they put technology to work, they used to need thick sets of papers for their weekly executive team meetings. After using Convene, they have successfully saved lots of papers as they can now do everything without relying on hard copies.

Convene has done more than that. Notes on documents can be made and shared with others in the team, and they can be seen when the team members next log in. With Convene, they can leave a reminder of the preparation they need in advance of their next meeting, without the need for sending round a separate email or discussing face to face. Their efficiency of working has been therefore boosted.

The administrators also found it easy to use Convene. They can put the files together for the meeting really quickly, which saves time, photocopying and posting large agenda packs. Hard copies can be directly printed out from Convene with ease. Past papers can also be saved with attendees’ shared notes on them.

With the next tier of management, they would consider starting to use Convene for their monthly management meetings.