Accreditations & Standards

At Azeus, we are committed to maintaining high levels of quality with respect to the IT solutions and services that we provide to our customers. For over twenty years, we have established and optimised procedures and methodologies for our business processes to ensure that we maintain high quality standards.


Our work processes have been assessed at Level 5 under the SW-CMM model since 2002 and appraised at Level 5 under the Capability Maturity Model Integration for Software Engineering (CMMI-SW) model since 2003. These models establish standards for assessing the maturity of processes employed by an organization involved in software development. We were the first IT services company in Greater China and one of the first in Southeast Asia to be assessed at SW-CMM Level 5. In addition, Azeus is one of the first companies in Hong Kong to be appraised at CMMI-SW Level 5.

SW-CMM and CMMI-SW are de facto IT industry standards in measuring an organization’s capability to deliver IT systems and services. Achieving both SW-CMM Level 5 assessment and CMMI-SW Level 5 appraisal not only attests to the high quality of our output but also affirms our abilities to plan for and deliver our projects on time and within budget.

ISO 9001

In 1997, Azeus was awarded the ISO 9001 certification for providing software consultancy services, software development and system integration services. As one of the first IT companies in Asia to receive ISO 9001 accreditation, Azeus ensures that every project benefits from its deliberate and systematic effort to review all deliverables and processes.

ISO 14001

Azeus is also committed to protecting the environment. We are fully aware of the escalating effects of environment degradation, so we do our share in promoting sustainability by implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) that complies with the requirements of ISO 14001 standards. As part of this system, we have incorporated measures to protect the environment throughout our operations; these measures are listed in our Environmental Policy. We advocate our environmental initiatives not only internally within our company, but also externally, by requesting our suppliers and contractors to observe the requirements in our Environmental Guidance Notes.

ISO 27001

Since 2015 Azeus UK has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 27001 for software development sales and first line of support. We are committed to ensuring information security within our own organization as well as for our clients.