Corporate Governance

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The Directors and the Management of the Company are committed to maintaining a high standard of corporate governance and transparency in order to protect the interests of the shareholders of the Company. Processes and procedures have been instituted and are being constantly reviewed and revised to ensure effective corporate governance.

Rule 710 of the SGX-ST Listing Manual requires an issuer to describe its corporate governance practices with specific reference to the principles of the Code of Corporate Governance in its annual report. An issuer is required to disclose any deviations from any Principles and Guidelines of the Code of Corporate Governance together with an appropriate explanation for such deviation in the annual report. This report outlines the Company’s corporate governance processes and activities with specific reference to the Code of Corporate Governance 2012 (“the Code”). The Company has generally complied with the principles and guidelines as set out in the Code. Where there are deviations from the Cod, appropriate explanations have been provided.