Multimedia Information System (MMIS) for The HONG KONG Public Libraries (HKPL)

In early 2012, Azeus was commissioned by the Hong Kong Public Libraries (HKPL), to re-develop its system called the Multi Media Information System (MMIS). Azeus re-developed MMIS as a web-based enterprise-wide multimedia platform for storing, managing, retrieving and viewing a vast collection of multimedia resources or content in different formats.

Azeus utilized open source software packages and creating custom programs for cataloguing, managing, archiving, searching and playing digital content. Content consists of about 3,300 hours of digitized audio-video materials; over 130,000 items of non-digitized audio-visual materials in CD, VCD, DVD, LD, video-cassettes, gramophone records and audio cassettes; over 2.3 million pages of electronic documents including books, old HK newspapers, maps, posters, clippings, photos, manuscripts and papers.

Considering the vast materials that MMIS contains, improving MMIS search capabilities was imperative to allow users to explore content as extensively as possible. So, aside from the wild-card search on titles, author or subject or series, Azeus also enabled MMIS search capabilities with: search within the results of previous search; display auto keywords suggestions, pop-up help messages, and tool tips; an auto fill feature for subject search; personal preference for maximum number of result pages; refined search criteria and search history item; export search results to Word or Excel and email; and display a special user interface for kids.