Paperless Board Meeting Solution for America First Credit Union

America First Credit Union (AFCU) provides personal financial services of superior quality to its members and owners. It is the 7th largest credit union in terms of membership and 12th largest in terms of asset size in the US. According to Thayne Shaffer, Senior Vice President and Controller at America First Credit Union, Convene helped the credit union achieve better security and faster communication in their meetings. After trying different applications, they finally found Convene best suited their needs.

Convene came out on the top with its highly efficient board portal for iPad, Android, Windows and Mac, while offering great value for comprehensive features, such as ADFS, intuitive design and stringent security. It helped to streamline their board meeting processes to save time and money. With Convene, security is protected as they can receive centralized access allowing all files to be viewed without leaving the application and customized access so they retained full control of who could view which meetings and documents. Other features, including changing notifications, user access customization, agenda builder, as well as drag-and-drop packet creation, were particularly appreciated by our user.

Convene allows them to work with the same platform, referring to and using it the same way, and helping each other out. They can all receive notification of any changes in real-time, and will be immediately alerted if a file has been updated without lagging. They can also make mark ups on documents, without any waste and inconvenience. Within just an hour of using on their own devices, their board and committee members of all ages already learned their way around Convene. Convene’s omni-platform propelled them forward, providing their employees and board members the freedom to use the most comfortable device on an everyday basis.

“No one is left in the dark, so no one is lagging behind in receiving information.” said Thayne Shaffer.