Multimedia Information System for the Hong Kong Public Libraries

January 31, 2012 – Azeus Systems today announced that it has been awarded a contract for provision of a Multimedia Information System for the Hong Kong Public Libraries. Azeus’ scope of work will include the supply of hardware and software, together with the provision of a range of services including implementation, training and system change and enhancement services. In addition, maintenance and system support services may be required by the Government for a period up to 10 years from the date of acceptance of the system.

The new digital library system will integrate a content management sub-system, a multimedia streaming sub-system and various supporting sub-systems based on open standards and best practices of the information technology (IT) and library industries.

The new system will be a gateway for accessing various types of electronic library information. The public will be able to access video programmes in addition to audio programmes and digitised documents over the Internet. By making the system accessible also to personal mobile devices and extending the servicing hours for the Internet, the role of the system as a Virtual Library without walls will be strengthened.

About Azeus Systems Holdings Ltd.

Established in 1991, Azeus is a leading provider of IT consultancy services. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Azeus has established offshore software development centres in the Philippines and China. The Group acquired BIGontheNet, an awardwinning provider of eBusiness software solutions based in Singapore, in February 2005.

Besides designing as well as implementing a wide range of IT software and systems to fulfil the outsourcing needs of customers, Azeus also provides maintenance and support services. The Group has won the first and thus far, only business outsourcing project from the Hong Kong government, covering IT consulting, IT maintenance and support, as well as office operations and support services.

Azeus is appraised at the highest level of the CMMI-SW model, endorsing its commitment to delivering high quality work. Its emphasis on consistently high quality solutions has enabled the Group to build a solid track record of over 100 projects for more than 40 government departments and over 15 projects for the commercial sector in Hong Kong.

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