Corporate Governance

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Code of Business Conduct

The Directors, officers and employees are required to observe and maintain high standards of integrity, as are in compliance with law and regulations and the Company’s policies.

Dealings in Securities

The Company has adopted an internal code of practice for securities transactions by all Directors, officers and employees of the Group in compliance with Rule 1207(19) of the Listing Manual of SGX-ST.

In compliance with the above-mentioned Rule, Directors, officers and employees of the Group have been advised not to trade in the listed securities of the Company when in possession of unpublished price-sensitive information or on short-term considerations. Directors, officers and employees are also advised not to trade in the Company’s securities during the period commencing one month before the announcement of the Company’s half year and full year financial results and ending on the day of the announcement of the relevant results. All directors, officers and managers are required to file with the Company regular reports on all their dealings in the listed securities of the Group during the financial year.

Material Contracts

There were no material contracts (including loans) of the Company or its subsidiaries involving the interests of the CEO, directors or controlling shareholders, which subsisted at the end of the financial year or have been entered into since the end of the previous financial year.

Interested Person Transactions

The Group has adopted an internal policy in respect of any transactions with interested persons and established procedures for the review and approval of such transactions.

An interested person transactions will be properly documented and submitted to the AC for half-yearly review to ensure that they are carried out on an arm’s length basis, on normal commercial terms and will not be prejudicial to the interests of the Company and its minority shareholders.

The Group has not obtained a general mandate from shareholders for IPT.

Details of the Interested Person Transactions as at 31 March 2023 are disclosed in the Notes to the Audited Financial Statements for FY2023. Please refer to Note 31 on page 82 for details.