Convene Releases Language Update for iOS and Android App

November 10, 2016 – Azeus Convene has added German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese to its list of supported languages for iOS and Android. The latest Android update also includes French, which was already there in the earlier version of iOS app. Previously, the Convene App supported English, French, Arabic, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

This update marks an important milestone and achievement of the Convene App. Not only does this underscore the rapid growth of clients across the globe, but it also delineates Convene’s rapid response to the same and continued dedication to improve user experience.

Language support for five additional major international languages in the Convene App will go a long way in helping clients quickly adopt and use the app. This update perfectly complements the Convene App that is already renowned for its user-friendliness and almost negligible learning and adaptation time.

“Language support is a critical component of the Convene digital meeting solution and this iOS and Android update will ensure that the App is usable by a lot more international clients, and that language is not a barrier for adoption,” said Alasdair Mangham, Director of Business Development, UK & EU.

“Convene is growing fast and expanding into diverse markets with different language needs. This major language support update is a response to this fact and embracing the needs now and for the future. We want to ensure that Convene retains its popularity as a solution that provides great user experience and needs almost no learning to get started.”

The new update is currently available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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