Convene launches its digital signature suite for GCC boardrooms

Hassle-free document signing, regulation-compliant features, and instant and real-time syncing introducing Convene’s Digital Signature Suite

October 28, 2022 — Convene launches its Digital Signature Suite, designed with powerful features for faster and more secure signing workflows, for its board governance clients across the private, government, and non-profit sectors within the GCC region. Reimagining document signing, Convene offers a complete suite of digital signature tools compliant with both internal and external regulations.

The Signature Suite is one of the key features of Convene’s board governance solution that houses powerful tools for secure and centralised board communications and collaboration. Convene’s all-in-one digital signature suite comes with complementary features such as Convene Initials for one-click initials attachment on multiple pages and Convene Inks for customising signatures and initials colour to comply with any internal policies or external regulations.

With clients in more than 100 countries, Convene aims to continuously support the needs of organisations and businesses across the GCC region, and deliver values for real success. Convene is changing the way boardrooms function through digital experiences—one tool at a time.

Azeus Convene CEO, Michael Yap, says, “As part of our mission to continuously support businesses across the GCC in their digital transformation journeys, we are introducing Convene’s Digital Signature Suite for secure and compliant document signing. The digital signature suite offers collaborative and compliant tools that enable businesses to generate only verified and authenticated signatures, even for the most critical transactions.

Its Digital Signature Suite is an exciting innovation that resolves complex inter-company relationships for large groups and investment companies. Hence, achieving better governance. It aims to add significant value to the documentation and signing processes in a secure and compliant way. Convene is also expanding its operations across the prime GCC markets and is currently working with different ESG stakeholders to launch a localised product for seamless sustainability reporting. What’s more, it proudly offers an AGM solution for a smooth virtual and hybrid meeting experience.

The digital signature suite and other localisation efforts will enable its growing client base of esteemed private enterprises and government organisations to further their journey towards an advanced digital economy and a sustainable future. Convene’s efforts are also aimed at supporting the economic development plans across the GCC, particularly supporting Vision 2030, which promotes digital transformation in the Kingdom.

Do business in smarter ways with the Convene Digital Signature Suite.

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