Client Information System (CIS) for HONG KONG Social Welfare Department

In a project for the Social Welfare Department (SWD) of the Hong Kong Government, Azeus developed the Client Information System (CIS), an online workflow-based, client-centric case management system, for allocating and providing comprehensive social care support to people (clients) who need such services. CIS helps social workers process handle the entire social care service delivery, from initial client contact, case screening, case initiation, different types of assessments, analysis and problem identification, formulation of support plans, service provision, case monitoring, and case closure and case reactivation.

Azeus integrated to the CIS 24 existing disparate legacy systems of SWD, which were re-developed as web functions covering community services, domestic violence, child protection, the homeless, the elderly, medical social services, residential child care and school placement, rehabilitation services, and others.

CIS is a large system, estimated to be over 20,000 Function Points. Azeus developed over 30 modules, some 2,000 functions or screens and 1,000 reports. But, despite the size and complexity, Azeus rolled out the system in just nine months after finalizing the user requirements. A large volume of data, about 1.5 million records, was also migrated to the system. CIS is now being used by some 2,000 social workers and handles about a million active clients.