Children’s Social Care Solution for Bedford Borough Council Department

In March 2014, the AzeusCare system went live at Bedford Borough Council Children’s Social Care department and has been warmly received by Ofsted, end users and the Bedford Council management. Azeus received a steady stream of positive feedback following implementation.

Bedford Borough Mayor Dave Hodgson agrees: “As part of Bedford Borough Council’s overall strategy to care for and protect vulnerable children, we believe this new system will build upon our current high standards. Importantly, it will also allow social workers more face-to-face time with their clients, rather than being tied up with endless data entry.”

According to Councillor Sue Oliver, Executive Member for Children’s Social Care at the Bedford Borough Council, choosing AzeusCare is consistent with their trust for delivering quality social services. “The Council took this decision in the best interests of the children we care for; that was our overriding concern. Azeus is delivering a case management system that will be better suited to improving the services we provide to children and young people in Bedford Borough. I am particularly pleased that the overwhelming reaction from our staff has been positive to what is a brand new, modern and flexible system,” said Oliver.