Procurement and Contract Management System (PCMS) for Government Logistics Department

Azeus delivered the Procurement and Contract Management System (PCMS) to the Government Logistics Department (GLD) of the Hong Kong Government. PCMS is an online procurement solution that automates the entire procurement process of the GLD – from selecting and recruiting suppliers, issuing tenders, processing orders, to monitoring contracts.

Electronic workflows in PCMS streamline procurement processes GLD. As soon as a case is processed by an officer in GLD, it is automatically routed (with notifications) to the next responsible officer for further processing. e-Catalogue functions store images and other product specifications that can be viewed using any web browser for more convenience and intelligence in purchasing. In addition, PCMS stores information about suppliers’ profiles and performance in previous contracts, which GLD users can refer to, to select the right suppliers and contractors with impartiality.

Considering the sensitive business data that GLD handles, Azeus outfitted PCMS with several security measures such as firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), anti-virus software, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Virtual Private Network (VPN), at different levels – network, servers, applications and database.