Citizen Portal and Business Portal Development for The London Borough of Camden

The London Borough of Camden (the Council) was embarking on an ambitious project of creating online accounts for both Citizens and Businesses within the Council in order to help it achieve its long term goals of migrating 80 percent of interactions with Customers online. Azeus was tasked to provide development services to help the Council achieve the goals.

In the Camden Citizen Portal Development (CCPD), Azeus implemented ESB services and Liferay portlet screens for viewing leaseholder statements of users in the Citizen Portal. The system allows citizens to register and login to the system, and leaseholders and tenants to view the account statement of their properties. Azeus also implemented the theme for the Liferay Portal front-end, as well as a secure messaging facility which enables the users of the portal to send messages to back-office services as well as receive replies. The project was successfully completed in January 2012.

Following the Citizen Portal development, the Council had in February 2012 awarded another project to Azeus for the Development of the Business Portal (CBPD). Azeus implemented ESB services and Liferay portlet screens for payment transactions in the Business Portal. The system also includes Registration and Login features for businesses to register and login to the system. The project was delivered on time in May 2012 despite the tight schedule.

Having regard to the confidence of the Council in the quality of work delivered by Azeus, soon after the completion of CBPD in May 2012, the Council already started discussing with Azeus on the requirements for the next Phase of the Business Portal Development.