Integrated Online Registration and Search Services System for the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department (IPD)

In 2001, Azeus won one of its largest IT projects. Worth US$11.1 million, this involved implementation of three IT systems for the Intellectual Property Department of Hong Kong:

  • A web-based end-to-end electronic filing system that enables electronic filing of applications for trademarks, patents and designs, registrations and renewals
  • An online search system that allows the public, especially customers from legal services industry to search for IP information online around-the-clock
  • A back-end paperless system that enables business process re-engineering in IPD

Azeus delivered the Trade Mark Online Search System 12 months ahead of schedule. The early delivery of the system meant that IPD could decisively, efficiently and readily render its services to the public. The system provides a customer-centric online platform for the public to file applications, and to search for IP information around the clock. Moreover, IPD staff can process and store electronic documents in computers, greatly reducing the usage of paper. This realized the IPDs objective of having a paper-less office.

In addition to new application development services, Azeus commenced a five-year outsourcing service to the IPD. This is the first government outsourcing project to cover both office operations and IT support services.

Azeus has won two consecutive contracts for both office operations and IT support services, extending our services to the IPD for more than a decade.