Azeus UK Signs Up to the TechUK Interoperability Charter

September 23, 2016 – Azeus is delighted to subscribe to the TechUK Interoperability Charter and fully recognises the value of providing a platform that both supports and encourages the integrated care programmes and partnerships between Health and Social Care in the UK government and third-sector organisations. TechUK members that supply to the health and social care market contribute by making information systems more open and easier to integrate.

In order to sign up to the Interoperability Charter, Suppliers will commit in writing to adhere to the five key principles:

  1. We will make available to other suppliers, the NHS and Local Authorities, the technical specifications of our interfaces without charge.
  2. Where there is customer demand we agree to co-operate without charge with other suppliers in developing interfaces.
  3. We will not reinvent the wheel and will use internationally recognised standards where relevant.
  4. We will only charge reasonable and proportionate fees to the end user organisation for Licensing, Implementation and Support services required for the interfaces.
  5. Where new interfaces or enhancements to existing interfaces are required, we will not charge twice for the same software development.

We are a committed supplier to the enablement of change in this area and welcome all opportunities to promote it.

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