Azeus Convene Expands Worldwide Presence to Over 100 Countries

January 24, 2020 – Azeus announces that Convene, a multi-awarded and leading board management software, has expanded its presence to over 100 countries. This is a feat that only we have achieved among board management software providers.

The addition of clients from Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America, South America, and Asia Pacific stimulates Convene’s continuous growth and sets it up as the undisputable industry leader.

“We put our customers at the center of our operations and make them see how simple good governance can be,” said Lee Wan Lik, Convene’s CEO, when asked about what he thought were the major factors that influenced Convene’s expansion. “Having delivered to customers in more than 100 countries is proof that a lot of organizations trust us to be their partner in effective and secure governance.”

Many of our existing customers can attest to how Convene helps them optimize the way they conduct their meetings. With its comprehensive suite of features, Convene reduces the cost, time, and effort our clients spend on meetings. Emaar Hospitality Group, the manager of Emaar’s hospitality and leisure projects across the Middle East, has seen how Convene accommodates the rapidly changing business environment they operate in. Chief Financial Officer Wee Meng Chua said that “Convene is the perfect end-to-end business solution to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of meetings.” Their executives can connect to one another easily and make important decisions regarding business strategies when they use Convene for their meetings.

Beyond optimizing the way meetings are conducted, Convene also addresses various cybersecurity risks for our clients from all over the globe. Convene is equipped with advanced security features – such as remote wipe, two-factor authentication, and end-to-end encryption – to give organizations peace of mind regarding data protection. Tesco PLC, one of the world’s largest retailers, lauded Convene for that very reason. “When Convene was reviewed by our InfoSec team, I remember them being happy and impressed by the security standards and certifications,” said Chris Spanias, Solution Architect at Tesco UK. Our clients can be sure that Convene is ready to face security challenges now and in the future.

As Convene expands, we will remain committed to continuously prioritizing customer success by providing tailored onboarding to facilitate a smooth transition. Convene’s Customer Success Team is available 24/7/365, and can be accessed through various communication channels such as phone, email, and chat.

Historically, we have had zero queue rates for calls and chats. Our team responds within three rings, with 98% first-call resolution rate. In less than five minutes, our customers get timely, accurate, and tailor-fit responses and resolutions.

Kathryn Lanning, governance officer of English Heritage, a charity that manages the National Heritage Collection, shared her agreement. “Support from Convene has been excellent with a friendly, supportive account manager who is quick to respond to any queries and who is very good at explaining things,” she said.

Convene’s rapid expansion proves that it is the most trustworthy meeting solution in the market right now. But this is only the start of reaching new heights. As Convene further widens its reach, more organizations will reap the benefits of using a board management software equipped with features that can respond to commonplace problems in organizational governance. Convene will surely continue to be a trailblazer with its team’s drive to foster innovation and the passion to ensure customer success.

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