Azeus Announces the Launch of its New e-AGM Product

April 27, 2020 – Azeus is pleased to announce the launch of its brand-new e-AGM product for listed companies to hold annual general meetings (AGMs) in a remote manner.

Listed companies are facing pressures and difficulties in organizing AGMs amidst COVID-19 because many events and gatherings can no longer take place. Stock exchanges and regulatory authorities have recently issued guidelines and changes to rules and regulations to facilitate AGMs to be conducted in a compliant way during this period.

Azeus’ new e-AGM product will enable listed companies to arrange and hold AGMs remotely and electronically in a manner that is compliant with the relevant rules and regulations, with participation of not only the listed companies themselves but also the shareholders and relevant parties such as share registrars and scrutineers. Azeus is test marketing the product, and it is well positioned to continually improve it in light of the rapid regulatory changes.

As an end-to-end solution, the product simplifies the entire AGM process from pre- to post-meeting to ensure everything is hassle-free for all parties.

Since Azeus’ e-AGM product is new to the market and its adoption is unknown, Azeus does not expect its contribution to be material in the near term. That being said, Azeus is cautiously optimistic given the demand for products for holding AGMs remotely especially during COVID-19 outbreak.

Mr. Lee Wan Lik, Managing Director of Azeus, said, “The launching of the new e-AGM product is in line with our direction to grow the Azeus Products business segment which provides the Group with a steady stream of recurring income. The Group will continue to aggressively build and strengthen our sales and marketing capacity to secure a greater market share for the Azeus Products.”

Visit the eAGM @ Convene Website for more information on the solution.

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