HK ICT Awards 2012

Convene was awarded a Certificate of Merit in the Ubiquitous Networking Category of the HK ICT Awards in 2012. Established in 2006 by the ICT industry, the academia and the Government, the Awards aim at building a great scale and globally recognized branding of HKICT awards.

The Hong Kong ICT Awards recognize, promote and commend Hong Kong ICT professionals, business corporations and organisations’ extraordinary achievements and contribution. The Awards also encourage local practitioners to develop innovative and creative ICT solutions, which will uplift the professional image of Hong Kong ICT sectors, both locally and internationally. There are eight categories under the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016. In each category, there will be a Grand Award, and an “Award of the Year” will be selected from the eight Grand Awards by the Grand Judging Panel.

Despite the vigorous competition of 675 entries under the Awards, Convene still successfully won a certificate of merit. Inspired by this accomplishment, we will continue to improve the product by analysing our customer’s needs and coming up with novel approaches to satisfy their requirements.

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